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Located in Chengdu founded at 2004 Chengdu JRT Meter Technology Co Ltd is a manufacturer and trading company who is specialized in R D processing and selling laser distance meter and its modules for 16 years JRT is the only company focused on manufacturing laser distance modules in China We can do OEM designs and can make functions as required because we have a strong R D team JRT makes laser distance meters and modules with schemes of single transmit and single receive which reduces our producing cost a lot JRT is keeping manufacturing laser distance modules cheaper smaller but with higher quality Now we have our new module U81 which is the smallest laser distance module in the world...

Categories and Products

Laser Distance Sensor

Industrial Laser Distance Sensor

Laser Distance Module Sensor Laser Range Finder Sensor laser distance sensor module Arduino Sensor Laser Distance Distance measurement with laser sensor TTL laser measure module high frequency laser distance sensor 40m USB 40m 703A Industrial Laser Distance Sensor Transducer 1m Analogue Laser Distance Sensor 1mm Accuracy Industrial Laser Abstandssensor Laser Rangefinder Infrared Module 40m Monitoring System Laser Rangefinder Module LRB604B Laser Continuous Measure Sensor JRT Meter 40m 1mm accuracy laser distance module JRT Infrared laser distance measurement Sensor with ttl 703A Industrial Application laser distance sensor with usb TTL Industrial Laser Continuous Measurement Sensor Laser Sensor 150m Range Sensor Mini Arduino Precise Laser Distance Measurement Sensor 703A 40m Range Distance cmos Laser Sensor JRT M703A 40m Optical Distance Measurement Sensors 

Long Range Distance Sensor

unlock 150m laser distance Sensor arduino distance measurement laser 100m 120m 150m Laser Range Sensor JRT 604B 100m Laser Distance Sensor Module 605B 100m laser distance meter sensor with USB 605B 150m laser distance measurement sensor with RS232 B707C 100m Long Range Laser Sensor 120m 328ft Laser Distance RS232 Sensor 120m RXTX Precision Laser Distance Measurement Module B605B 150M Long Distance Precision Measure Laser Sensor Module Long Distance Infrared Laser Measure Module 150M Laser Distance Moudule for Hunting or Golf 150M 40m RS232 Laser Distance Sensor Modules-B605B M703A U81 Laser Distance Beam Sensor with Bluetooth 150M Long Range Sensor Detector Module About 10g-B605B 100~150m Laser Distance Measurement Sensor With USB/RS232 150m Outdoor Laser Rangefinder Module Sensor with USB Digital Bluetooth Laser Measure Sensor Module Instrument 40m Laser Distance Meter Module with RS232 Laser Distance Sensor Module With RS232 TTL Serial 

Distance Sensor Short Range

RS232 Laser Distance Module Laser Range Finder Sensor 701A Industrial Laser Distance Sensor RS232 TTL USB Mid Range Laser Distance Sensor 40m Arduino Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Module​ M703A Jual bluetooth laser distance sensor module Mini Distance Sensor 40m Laser Module RS232 Optical Lazer distance sensor Digital Laser Measure Module With RS232 RXTX TTL Volume Sensor Infrared Red Laser Module Low Cost Sale Laser Distance Sensor wtih RS232/RS485 Freestyle Sensor Connect Device Laser Range Module Laser Distance Sensors RS232 Laser Range Finder Module 40m Laser Distance Meter Sensor Module with Usb 40m Laser Distance Module Sensor with RS232 703A Digital Measuring Devices Smart Laser Distance Sensor JRT 703A USB 40m Serial Laser Distance Transducers 20m Digital Output OEM Laser Distance Sensor JRT 703A Bluetooth Miniature Laser Distance Transducer 60m 1mm high accuracy laser distance meter module arduino 40m 1mm accuracy laser range finder sensor arduino 

Laser Measurement Solutions

laser distance module rs232 USB Laser Distance Sensor Lazer Distance Sensor Module 40m Serial Laser Range Finder Sensor Arduino Smart Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Opical Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Digital Laser measure sensor rs485 Phase laser distance measure sensor module Laser Height Measurement Sensor Laser Height Measuring Module 40m Railway Monitoring Laser Distance Module Construction Crane Measure Rangefinders Module analog point to point laser distance sensor Smart Sweeper Robot Laser Distance Module Long Distance Laser Meter Sensors 2017 Laser Distance Sensor IP54 Laser Range Measurement Module oem golf digital metre laser rangefinder module Construction Tools 100m Range Sensor 150m arduino Bluetooth Laser Distance module 40m~150m Laser Distance Measure Module with Usb 

Micro Laser Distance Sensor

M701A 40m Laser Measurement System Distance Module ttl 100m USB 604B Laser Continuous Measurement Sensors Laser Range Module with Bluetooth For Industrial Device U81 World Smallest Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Laser Distance Module Connector USB Laser Distance Sensor 30m Small Smart Laser Distance Sensor with USB High Frequency Low Cost Laser Distance Sensor Module Laser Measuring Tool Distance Sensor with Serial Port 512A Optical Laser Distance Sensor Module 3.3V Accurate Laser Distance Sensor Digital Output DataCollecting JRT 30m arduino Laser Distance Sensor RS232 Laser Range Sensor with certified range and accuracy High Frequency Fast Small Laser Module JRT 20m USB laser Distance sensor india JRT Medium-sized arduino laser distance sensor 60m JRT 20m micro precise laser distance Transducer JRT 703A 50m RS232 Micro Laser Distance Transducers 30m High Speed Green Laser Distance Module 3hz 40m 703A analog laser distance meter circuit schematic jrt arduino laser distance measurement sensor module 40m 

High Precision Distance Sensor

60m Serial Port Output Laser Distance Sensor 703A 40m High Precision Bluetooth Laser distance sensor Precision laser distance module Laser Range Finder Sensor arduino precision laser distance sensor rxtx 40m Chengdu JRT Meter laser distance sensor rs232 World Smallest Precision Laser Distance Measurement Sensor High Precision Laser Sensor 120M Range Sensor High Precision Measuring Instruments Laser Distance Sensor Mobile Phones Laser Distance Sensor with Bluetooth Smart Laser Distance Module Sensor with USB 30m High Precision RS232/TTL Laser Distance Sensor Module 100m Precision laser Rangefinder Module in Monitoring Trucks Precision Digital Optical Laser Distance Sensor with USB Laser Distance Ranging Industrial Sensor Module with USB-TTL Digital Height Measurement Ir Sensor Laser Ranging Tool with Horizontal Measurement Mini Digital Distance Sensor 40m phase laser distance meter module arduino JRT 40m 703A laser distance measure sensor arduino 40m 1mm high accuracy laser rangefinder sensor price 

High Resolution Distance Sensor

laser distance measuring sensor 60m laser rangefinder sensor with rs232 RS232 Warehouse Logistics Laser Distance Sensor Module 703A RS232 Laser Range Sensor with serial port M512A 40m Short Range USB Laser Distance Sensor Precise Laser Module with RS232/RS485/USB For Measuring Smart Module Laser Distance Sensor Wireless Bluetooth 2020 RXTX 40m Accurate Distance Sensor Cheap Freestyle Mini Laser Distance Sensor with RS232 Laser Sensor Measure Distance with RS232/RS485 Accurate Serial Port Laser RangeFinder Module with USB 60m Serial Port Laser Distance Transducers M88 JRT 40m cmos laser distance module arduino 40m 703A digital output laser distance measurer circuit 40m 1mm high accuracy laser rangefinder sensor v1 1mm high accuracy laser rangefinder sensor 5hz 40m 1mm high accuracy cheap laser rangefinder sensor serial port 40m laser range sensor module ttl 703A fast respond laser range sensor datasheet high frequency laser range finder sensor arduino ttl 

Fast Shipping Laser Distance Sensor

Serial Laser Distance Sensor

20m TTL Serial Laser Distance Sensor 60m USART BaudRate Laser Distance Sensor 100m Serial Interface Laser Distance Sensors 10000Hz LiDAR System RXTX Laser Distance Sensors 40m Connector CMOS Laser Distance Sensors L Style 20m Distance Laser Continuous Level Sensor 60m RxD TxD Green Laser Distance Sensors 520nm 150m RxD TxD Long LiDAR Sensors 10m FPC Laser Distance Measure Sensors UART Class I CMOS Laser Distance Sensors 20m 20m FPC Pcb Distance Measuring Sensor 620nm 

USB Laser Distance Sensor

20m USB Adapter Laser Distance Sensors 60m USB Interface Laser Distance Sensors 100m USB Connector Laser Distance Sensors 10000Hz USB Convertor LiDAR Laser Range Sensors 10m USB Backboard Laser Distance Measure Sensors 10m USB Cable Industrial LiDAR System 

Tof LiDAR Sensor

Long Range LiDAR Radar

40M laser distance measurement sensors from JRT automation JRT time of flight micro-lidar distance sensor 20m 1m short laser rangefinder lidar sensor 100hz Short Range TOF Laser Distance Speed Sensor 2019 Long Range Time Of Flight Tof Sensor Fast Indirect Time Flight Module Tof Sensor 40M HF Lidar Survey Long Range Distance Sensor 15m 3D Lidar Scanner (tof) Motion Sensor 10m 3D Lidar Sensor Automotive Arduino Price 5000 Hz Wavelength LiDAR Precision Laser Sensors 3D Lidar Automotive USB Tof Range Finder Sensor Lidar Based 3D Scanner 15m Distance Sensor Price 3D Lidar Tof Laser Length Measurement Sensor 12m 100Hz Long Range LiDAR Radar 100Hz TTL Tof Distance Module 200Hz Smart LiDAR Sensors For Cars 200Hz RXTX LiDAR Sensor Arduino Amazon 15m Serial Output Tof Time-of-flight Sensor Serial data interface Long Distance Tof Sensor Quick 100 Hz Mini Lidar(tof) Laser Range Sensor 

Small 2D LiDAR Sensor

703A 40m laser works green laser distance module JRT 3cm infrared time of flight distance sensor 5m time of flight distance ranging sensor lidar 1mm 6m Time-of-flight distance Sensor Drone Detection Radar 15m High Frequency Lidar Laser Distance Sensor 12m High Frequency TOF Laser Distance Rangefinder 10m High Accuracy Measure Distance Serial Tof Sensor 12Meter 100Hz Long Range Time of Flight Sensor Tof Sensor Continual Measure Time of Flight Sensor Unidirectional Time of Flight Distance Measurement Sensors 10m Distance AGV Obstacle Detection Sensor Circuit 3v Low Cost Laser Measurement Sensor Tof Sensor 1cm High Resolution Range Finder Sensor Tof Sensor 2D Laser Distance Sensor Low Cost with USB 10m Robots Short Distance Industrial LiDAR Solutions Tof LiDAR Sensors Industrial 100Hz LiDAR Solutions 1m Short Mini Time Of Flight (Tof) Sensor 10m TTL Laser Distance Sensor Time Of Flight 100Hz LiDAR Sensor Cost Time of Flight (ToF) 200Hz Smallest LiDAR Sensor For Drone 

Industrial 100Hz LiDAR Solutions

40m multiple slaves laser distance meter circuit diagram ttl lidar Truck Height measure radar distance sensor JRT time of flight distance sensor resolution 2cm 10m LIDAR ToF Distance Sensor 25m A Radar Detector Tof Laser Measurement Module 12m FPC distance 100hz high frequency tof sensor 10 Meter FPC LiDAR Tof Distance Ranging Sensor 10m Laser Distance Sensor 10hz Tof Module 12m Accuracy 3cm Single Measurement Tof Sensor 10m Micro Time Of Flight Distance Measurement Sensor IT02S High Performance Time Of Flight Module Sensor 100Hz Smart Toilet Measure laser range finder components Intelligent Parking LiDAR Outdoor Laser Distance Sensor 200Hz Laser Distance Circuit 100Hz Small 2D LiDAR Sensor Accuracy 5m Time of Flight ToF Distance Measurement Sensor 10m Serial Micro LiDAR Sensor 15m Tof Laser Distance Sensor TTL LiDAR Module Time Of Flight Laser Sensors USB Tof CMOS Time Of Flight Sensor Arduino 

1000Hz High Frequency LiDAR System

1000Hz High Frequency LiDAR System 60m 

10000Hz High Frequency LiDAR Module

10000Hz High Frequency LiDAR Module 100m USB Protocol Optic High Frequency LiDAR Sensor 80m Tof Sensor TTL Laser Distance Sensor 10000Hz 10000Hz USB Convertor Laser Range Sensors LiDAR 80m 10000Hz Automated Robots UAV LiDAR Board USB 

Laser Distance Meter Module

JRT M703A 40m Laser Distance Meter Module Sensor 60M OEM laser rangefinder modules laser range finder module 100m Laser Distance Measure Module 703A Mini Laser Measurement Sensor 40m laser range measuring sensor Laser trangulation measuring Module Laser Distance Meter Sensor OEM laser range finder module RS232 JRT Good Quality Laser Measurer Module Sensor 40m Laser Range Measurement Sensors 40m Laser Distance Measurer Sensors laser distance sensor with USB Cheap laser distance sensor 701A Cheap Laser Distance Meter Transducer Module Long Range Outdoor Laser Distance Meter Module 150m Laser range measurement Sensor Module Distance Measurement Laser Sensors CMOS Type USB Laser Distance Sensor Module 100m Low Cost Laser distance module sensor 

Laser Rangefinder Sensor

1000m Military Hunting Laser Rangefinder 2019 eye safe laser range finder sensor 1200m Optical Professional Laser Rangefinder Binoculars 500m Cheap Golf Rangefinder Modules Infrared Binoculars 200m Golf Rangefinder photoelectric distance sensor 700m TTL Laser Rangefinder Sensor LiDAR 

Laser Distance Meter Accessories

Laser Distance Meter Accessories Metallic Shell Laser Distance Meter Cloth Cover Dust Cover Laser Distance Meter Reflector Laser Distance Meter Hand Rope IP65 Laser Distance Meter Enclosure 

Laser Tape Measure

General tools 2 in 1 Laser tape measure laser tape measure 2 in 1 2 in 1 laser measuring tape Laser Meauring Tape two in one Laser Tape Meaurement Tool Laser tape measuring tool 60m long digital laser tape measure 2-IN-1 200FT LASER TAPE MEASURE WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY 20m 30m 40m digital laser tape measure Tape Measure With Laser usb DIY laser distance meter 40m 2-IN-1 40m Long Digital Laser Tape Measure Professional 2-in-1 Custom Tape Measure with Laser JRT 2018 Laser Rangefnder 30m Tape Measure 2-IN-1 20m Laser Digital Distance Measuring Device 2 IN1 40M Steel Tape Laser Measuring New Design Laser Digital Tape Precise Measure OEM Device Laser Range Measuring of Mini Module Portable Electronic Devices Laser Distance Tape New design 2 in 1 Laser Measuring Tape 

New Laser Distance Sensor

Mini LiDAR (ToF) Distance Sensor 12m 60m Laser Distance Module TTL 150m Long Range Distance Sensor Arduino 1m 300Hz Short Range Radar Sensor LiDAR Cost 10m Short Range Laser Ranging Circuit 10m Short Bluetooth Distance Meter Sensor 2020 Best Bluetooth Rangefinder Sensor 100m Industrial Laser Measure Bluetooth Sensor 20m Laser Measure Tools Sensor 10M Laser Distance Sensor With Analog Output Green Laser Measure Sensor Modules USB Serial Time-of-flight Level Measurement Sensor Unidirectional LiDAR Time Of-Flight Circuit 40m USB Adapter Long Range Proximity Sensor 5m Length Width Height Radar Range Sensor Modules 1mm Precision Distance Sensor Industrial Laser 20m RS485 Warehousing Management System Height Detection Sensor 60m two-way electronic distance measurer sensor 80m RS232 Long Distance Sensing Sensor RS485 100m Laser Measure Cheapest LiDAR Sensor 

Laser Distance Meter

Handheld Laser Distance Meter

393ft Laser Range Meter 492ft Laser Range Measure Cheap Laser Rangefinder Tools Laser Rangefinder Measuring Tools Laser Distance Measuring Tools Smart Laser Distance Meters Compact Laser Measuring Tools Accurate Laser Distance Measure OEM Laser Height Measure Tools Laser Tape Measure Rangefinder JRT Industrial Laser Distance Meter 150M Laser Distance Meter Home Decoration Mini Laser Measuring Device Laser Distance Measure Tools one hand operation compact versatile rangefinder 150m Laser Works Golf Range Finder Mini Laser Range Meter Distance Digital Measuring Tool 150m Mini High Accuracy Laser Distance Measure OEM 150m Laser Distance Measurer Module OEM Laser Rangefinder For Hunting Or Golf 150M 

Laser Distance Meter 40M

131ft Laser Distance Measurer 40m Laser Range Device OEM Laser Distance Measure Meter DIY 50m Laser Distance Meter OEM Laser Distance Measurer Continuous Measure Laser Distance Meters Portable Digital Laser Distance Meter USB Laser Distance Measurers Laser Distance Measuring Instrument Tools Optical Lazer Distance Measure 120m Laser Distance Tools 40 metres digital laser measuring device Military Long Distance Laser Range Finder Module OEM 40m laser measure distance meter 40m Laser Electronic Distance Measurement Laser Device Smart Volume 40m Laser Measuring Meter 40m Optical Rangefinder with Bubble Level Distancer Best Outdoor Laser Measure Apomecometer 40m IP54 Waterproof Handheld Laser Distance Meter 40M 

Laser Distance Measurer 100M

328ft Laser Distance Rangefinder 100m Laser Distance Measurer JRT Meter 100m Outdoor Laser Distance Measure Rangefinder precise laser distance meters 1mm accuracy 100m small laser distance measurement metre OEM 100m Laser Rangefinder Lazer Tape Measure Tool 100m 120m 150m 100m 120m 150m Lazer Rangefinder Tools OEM 100m Laser Range Finder Laser Distance Meter Mini Angle Finder 100m OEM Digital Laser Measurer100m With Angle Measuring Meter Angel Display Length Height Volume Measurement Laser Device 2020 NEW Laser Distance Measurer 100m 328ft Cheap Laser Distance measurer 100m 

Mini Laser Distance Meter

Mini Laser Ruler Digital Laser Height Meter Handtools Mini 40m Lazer Distance Rangefinder 30m Mini Laser Distance Meter Laser Distance Measurer mini laser rangefinder Meter New Design Laser Rangfinder With Smallest Module Inside Accurate Measurement Range 30m Portable Laser Distance Meter OEM Digital Smallest Mini Module Laser Range Finder OEM Laser Distance Measurer Laser-Entfernungsmesser OEM Hot Sale Multi Functional Laser Range Finder Mini Diy Digital USB Laser Distance Meter OEM Small Mini Laser Module Laser Distance Meter Short Range Construction Small Laser Distance Meter Module Smart Handheld Mini Laser Distance Meter Accuracy 30m Handheld Miniature Laser Rangefinder 30m 100 ft Laser Distance Meter 50m Indoor Outdoor Laser Distance Measurer 30m Pocket Laser Distance Measurer 

Laser Distance Meter 60M

196ft Handheld Laser Distance Meter Construction Laser Measuring Tools 60m Laser Meter Measure Laser Range finder Measurer Laser Distance Meter Diastimeter Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurers Digital Lazer Measure Tools laser distance meter measurer Easy Using Laser Distance Measurer Pythagoras Laser Distance Meters Smart Bluetooth Laser Distance Meter Accurate Infrared Distance Meter Digital electronic 60m laser ruler 60M Digital Bluetooth laser distance measure OEM 60m Bidirectional Smallest Laser Distance Measurer 

Laser Distance Meter 50M

Mini Hardware Tool Set Laser Measurer 60M Laser Distance Gauge Digital Laser Distance Measurer 50m Laser Distance Meter Measure 150m Laser Distance Measure Tools Laser Distance Measurement Meters Fast Handheld Laser Distance Meter High Accuracy Laser Distance Measurement 50m laser distance meter range finder Golf Laser Range Finder IP54 Electrical Laser Distance Meter 50M 

Laser Distance Meter 80M

262ft Laser Rangefinder Measure Best Quality Laser Measuring Device 80m Laser Measure Tools Phase Laser Range Finder Measurer Laser Distance Range Meters Area Function Laser Distance Meters Laser Range Measurement Meter JRT aluminum laser distance meter 80m 100m 120m Laser Rangefinder Area Measurement Instrument Electronic Laser Measuring Device Multifunctional Meter 

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